Imanol Morata

Imanol MorataMathematics as a profession and as a way of life. I studied in the University of Barcelona (UB), where I completed both the BSc and the Master’s degree in Math. At the same time I was running a small business helping other university students with their math exams and courses. After that, I spent a year working as a business analyst in a an e-commerce company, where I mainly developed mathematical models for economy and finance (analysis and forecasting).

Then I got involved in Braingaze, a project that seeks to develop an objective diagonsis tool for several developmental and cognitive disorders (ADHD, dylsexia, autism and others). Working as the leading data scientist, I was able to design an algorithm that diagnoses ADHD with 85% accuracy using machine-learning… and that’s how I ended joining B2SLab, as someone thought it would be a good idea to turn this project into an industrial PhD, which I very much agree.

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