Programming tools in Python (Spanish)

Pedro Gomis teaches several courses using Python and presents this course in Spanish with the purpose to introduce programming tools in Python to new programmers or programmers with experience in other computing languages to Python. Algorithmic compositions and structured data is analyzed and comparison with other languages as Matlab, Pascal and C is described. 

A set of slides with basic tools to help programming, using Python objects as strings, tuples, lists, arrays, dictionaries, Series and DataFrames.

A brief introduction to object oriented oriented programming (OOP) in Python is included.

1. Fundamentos de programación

2. Tipos de datos estructurados

2.1 homogéneos y heterogéneos, estáticos: strings y tuples

2.2 homogéneos y heterogéneos,  dinámicos: listas

2.3 homogéneos dinámicos: array de Numpy

3. Tipos estructurados para manejo de datos

3.1 diccionarios

3.2 Series y DataFrame de Pandas

4. Introducción a programación orientada a objetos (OOP) clases y objetos en Python